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Licensed Building Practitioner

Licensed Building Practitioner

When you build or renovate your home there are now a few changes to the Building Act that will make sure the right people are on your job. The introduction of Restricted Building Work means that work critical to the structure of the building or to its weather tightness is done by someone who can build it right – a Licensed Building Practitioner (LBP).

Restricted Building Work makes sure that you know who is accountable for each part of the work and that it is built right.

The important things for you to know when you are building or renovating your house are:

  • Use a Design LBP to draw the plans for your building
  • Use Licensed Building Practitioners to build your home
  • All LBPs doing Restricted Building Work on your home have to give you a Memorandum when their part of the work is done. It documents what RBW they did.

Ninety45 support the LPB scheme and Scott Thrupp holds a Site 2 (Supervision) and Carpentry Licence. Ninety45 also has long standing relationships with proven LBP’s in other fields such as roofing, foundations and block laying contractors as well as self-assessing trades such as plumbers, gas fitters and electricians.

More detailed information can be found at the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment website, CLICK HERE to view Building and Housing information.