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Bradford Street, Parnell

The renovation and restoration of this late-1800s home required skill and knowledge.
The residence consisted of five workers’ cottages that were joined together in the late 1800s and were in need of repair and modernising. The double garage is a new addition. The renovation incorporated period details and charm, while introducing the best of high-end, contemporary living. Where possible, original materials have been repurposed. The timber flooring, for example, has been recycled from the roof structure.
The warm tone and patina of the boards work in harmony with stone-tile and Ambitec plaster walls. The black-steel kitchen is enclosed behind a steel and glass wall, the dark detail in harmony with the joinery in other areas of the home. The two bathrooms are a superb blend of old and new. The 250sqm home has three bedrooms and two living areas and is a proud addition to this historic Auckland neighbourhood.
We are proud to say this home won Gold at the 2020 Registered Master Builders House of the Year awards for the Auckland region, and is also a Top 100 National Finalist. Additionally this home won the Regional Lifestyle Award for it's Kitchen.