Choosing the right tile for your project

We’ve asked our friends at Tile Space for their expert opinion about the important things to consider when choosing tiles for your project.

Tiles are a popular choice for flooring and wall coverings in homes as they’re easy to maintain, water resistant and will outperform other surfaces in both long-term appearance and durability. They’re available in various materials, sizes, colours, and designs, allowing homeowners to create diverse looks and styles.

Things to consider

The type of tile

Choosing the right type of tile involves considering factors such as location, budget, style preferences and its intended use.  For instance, a ceramic tile is relatively affordable, easy to clean and resistant to moisture making them suitable for bathrooms, kitchens and other high-moisture areas.  

A natural stone tile is more durable but requires more maintenance. Natural stone tiles, such as marble, granite, travertine, slate and limestone offer a luxurious and timeless look but will be more expensive.

Mosaic tiles are a popular choice for those looking to spice up their space as they come in unique patterns, shapes and colours and are commonly used to create eye-catching focal points on floors, walls, and backsplashes.

The light in the room

It’s important to consider both natural and artificial light in your space. Light colours and polished or gloss tiles will make the room look larger and brighter as they reflect more light. Dark tiles can make the room feel cosy and intimate, when used well they can give a room a wonderful air of moodiness and sophistication. 

Size matters

From small formats to large slabs, tiles come in many shapes and sizes. The most popular size is 600x600 as it’s easy to lay but large enough to make an impact.

Large tiles are cost effective, practical and create a spacious look.  A large format tile can look fantastic in a small space too as it will make the space look larger.

Laying patterns

When choosing individual tiles, there are several different patterns they can be laid in to add interest to a space. A rectangular tile will make the direction that it’s laid in look longer. For instance, if you have a low ceiling height, you could lay the tiles vertically to make it look higher. If you have a small room or even one with a lot going on, using the same tile on the floor and wall will make the room look more cohesive and spacious.

Laying patterns such as Stack lay give a modern look, while Brick lay and Herringbone look more traditional.


Grout colour has a big effect on the look of the tiles once they are laid. Grout is available in all different hues. Match the colour of your tile for a more subtle and natural look or choose a contrasting grout colour to make the design pop.


Tiles come in different finishes, each offering a unique look and feel. Some finishes are recommended for particular areas of the home such as grip for outdoor use, whereas others are chosen for their design aesthetic.

Design Space

Do you have so many exciting tile ideas for your new build or renovation that you simply feel overwhelmed by the possibilities? Tile Space has recently introduced a game-changing tile visualiser or rendering tool called Design Space that lets you quickly and easily get an ultra-realistic 3D preview of any tile idea you can come up with.

Design Space is an innovative and unique 360-degree tile visualiser service that creates a render of your own room, be it a bathroom, kitchen or living area. Pop into your local Tile Space store with a floor plan of your space to see a customised live render today.

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