Planning your outdoor entertaining space

When planning an exterior renovation, there are a few important things to think about. Here is our checklist to planning the ultimate outdoor area.

1. Spatial Planning + Design

Put time into thinking about the layout and design of the area. This essentially adds another living space to your home, and increases the value of your property.

Consider things like, how does this link with your house? And do you need to install a new entry point to connect the interior and exterior areas?

2. Cooking Facilities

Are you a keen entertainer who likes to bring people together over a BBQ or pizzas? If so, you might want to include cooking facilities. Think, a pizza oven, gas BBQ and grills! How do you like to cook and entertain? With cooking comes kitchen facilities, do you have enough room for a bench, sink, fridge or built in ice bucket? Do you have room to include storage of any crockery or glassware? These considerations will make entertaining so much easier.

3. Heating

If you want to get the most out of your entertaining haven all year round, you might like to consider installing heating. We recommend gas, wood fires and element heaters as just some of the ways of effectively heating your outdoor space.

4. Shelter + Shade

Be the master of your space with UV and Wind Protection. By installing louvres, blinds or wind breakers, you can manage the temperature and airflow into your outdoor space to make it cool in summer and keep the warmth in during winter. There are loads of options available to work with, so if you need any advice, get in touch!

5. Entertainment Options

Do you want to include an outdoor TV or speakers? There’s something about watching the AB’s game with the fire roaring and glass of your favourite bevvy, rugged up on a cold winters evening! Whether it’s a drop down TV if you have some roof cavity space to utilise, or a projector, we can recommend the best options for your space and viewing pleasure.

6. Furniture

Think about built in seating if space allows or what shaped furniture can fit in the space and the orientation of it. Is there a focal point everything is going to face? Would you like to include an outdoor dining table? Soft couch seating you can lounge on, plus a couple of oversized arm chairs or bean bags for the kids will top it off perfectly.

7. Lighting

Last but certainly not least, how you choose to light the area can also play a big part in the use of the space year round. Task lighting may be required if you have a kitchen area or a bench where you want to roll out your dough for the epic pizzas your about to cook in your new oven. Highlighting the features of structures (think logia beams / roof or a textured wall), gardens & trees, steps and decking - highlighting these all add to the ambience of the space whilst providing subtle light to it... without feeling like you're at Eden Park!

At Ninety45 Exterior we love bringing your plans to life!

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